Theme: Sarghress Clan To log-in in our secure sections, use the form at the right. Subscribe? Login: OEKAKI - ART GALLERIES - GAMES - ANIMATIONS - MEDIA - PODCAST - SUBSCRIPTIONS - AUDIOBOOKS - ABOUT US - Moonless Age : C.15 : P. 007 - Path To Power leader : C.1 : New! - Moonless Age : C.15 : P. 006 - Daydream 3 : C.8 : New! - Moonless Age : C.15 : P. 005 Manga updates News updates Podcast updates Wiki updates - Featured Site: * Desperate Angels * White Radish studio * Project wonderful * Nekocon * Starlitdragon Gallery * Jaibyrd Gallery * DarkVolt Gallery - Link exchanges * Weirdo Comic zone * Mabs land → Tales of the people born into the Moonless age of the elven history and how they will shape the future of this underworld gone into chaos. LAST UPDATE: 26 January 2009 NBR PAGE: 1086 SCHEDULE: Monday to saturday DOWNLOAD: Available Tales of various characters that may give extra insight upon Moonless age. As well as unnofficial stories done by fans LAST UPDATE: 17 October 2008 NBR PAGE: 920 SCHEDULE: Irregular DOWNLOAD: - Uncensored interactive tales where you control what will happen next! Anything can happen in Daydream from serious action story to crazy over the top comedy. Fan service at it best. LAST UPDATE: 24 January 2009 NBR PAGE: 1125 SCHEDULE: Sunday, Monday, wednesday and friday DOWNLOAD: - Become a character in the drowtales universe and roleplay with 20 other players through various adventures drawn by our artists. Limited amount of players but you may still watch their adventures! LAST UPDATE: 18 January 2009 NBR PAGE: 417 SCHEDULE: 3 times per 10 days DOWNLOAD: - Interactive challenging stories with game-like features. Build and raise your own clan to power along with hundred other! Be part of the clan. LAST UPDATE: 25 January 2009 NBR PAGE: 291 SCHEDULE: Twice per week DOWNLOAD: - Drowtales 2001-2007 is registered in Canada under Studio Drowtales inc. All content including but not limited to: world setting, concepts, artworks, graphic novels, video games, music characters, programming, web design and documents are property of Studio Drowtales Inc. and Yan "Kern" Gagné. Any use of our content outside of the server has to be pre-authorized first. Violation of the copyright or our pay-only sections will entail technical and legal counter-measures. To find out more about our company and our team, visit the about us page!
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