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RAIN OF GODS Character profiles

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Let's start with the villains...

Belsilius Zuma



Helaina The Succubus Queen



 Belsilius was a wizard when he was  mortal. Due to a great wrong done by the gods long ago, he  wants nothing more than their destruction! He  had became a hybrid demon and tapped into some dangerous forces to acquire the power to wipe them from the planet. This Vampire Lord has orchastrated the unlikely alliance of demons to achieve his goal with his vampire forces and generals, they include the Succubbus Queen, The Wolvern, The Furonigi, The Serpintine, and Medusa. In his plan he plans to strike down each pathenon seperately unawares,  which means trouble for the gods! We later find that his plan does not stop here, but he figures to hand the coup de grae with a force more fearsome than all demons combined. Read the book and find out!
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200lbs
Eye color:White (no visible pupils)
Hair color: Platinum
Strength level: Superhuman even though Besilius Zuma does not engage in physical combat. He can lift 8-9 tons.
Fighting Skill Level: 1 Belsilus Zuma does not engage in hand to hand combat.
Power level: 80, at this level he can destroy quarter of a large city before reaching his limit "power out put". Note*Belsilus Zuma's power level can be aurgumented when draining  enough  blood of a god or meta human.
Abilities: Besilius Zuma possesses all the same abilites as normal vampires except that being a vampire lord gives him three times the speed, stamina, strength, and ability to stay in a shapechanging form longer. Plus he can fire force blast of unknown nature from his hands.
Known Super powers: Belsilius Zuma can not only fire force blast from his hands, but by being a wizard when he was mortal, he can summon lower but powerful forms of other demons; Open deminsional doors, create force fields, Teleport 100s of miles and back, and mind control of mortals and (lesser)vampires allike.  Being a master strategest it can be therorized he has powers he has not shown yet. Also besides gainning the memories of those her drinks blood from he can gain a power boost and their powers to certain degree; this may only apply to immortals. However he must drain almost all blood from his victim for this to take effect. It is unknown if this is permenant or not.

This Sexy vixen is known an feared as the Succubus Queen. Forced to flee the world of mortals to the Neather world to narrowly escape death by hands of Athena. Almost on the edge of starvation she was approached by Belsilius Zuma to join his movment against the gods. Even though she and her broad of succubbus are natural enemies of vampires, her hatred of Athena and lust for the life forces of all living beings now drive her. Where once she had a healthy supply of humans to feed on their life force, she has  tasted starvation and she will not do so again!  While she does not totally trust Belsilius, she thinks his plan can work.
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 145lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red
Strength Level: Helaina posseses superhuman strength to lift press three tons. She can argument her strength to ten times that level, but she does not really engage in hand to hand combat. She only increases her strength to hold fast to exceptionaly strong prey.
Power Out Put Level: Unknown, she has not showed her full power. She has demonstrated that she can unleash enough energy to more than hold her own with Artemis who has a power level of 30.
Fighting skill level: 2 Helaina will grapple with her prey to drain their life force, but she has limited fighting skills.
Abilites: Helaina has the same abilites as other succumbus except that she tap into much greater spirit energy and increase her strength to much greater levels. Her speed and agility as well as other succumbus is twice that of a human.
Know Superpowers: Like all succubus Helaina must consume life force to maintain herself. She as well as all other succumbus can fire blast of spirit energy with destructive force and teleport. Helaina alone can create barriers of great force, teleport vast distances and even between deminsions. She can enrapture men or even male gods (if given enough time in their presense) to obey her. Her most powerful attack is called the "spirit saw" and has boasted it can cut through any solid substance. Note: Becuase Helaina must consume life force constantly and even more so with the more power she uses. She is reluctant to use her powers at their limit for a extended amount of time, she is more likely to make a retreat.

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